Madeleine has now written about  150 songs. The texts are positive and hopefull. She says they had helped her and she hopes they will do the same for others. The genre is pop/folkrock/soul with her own touch. The music often surprise, sometimes with a twinkle
in one´s eye but with a deep in the texts. Her special music together with her special voice blend together to effect your emotions. 

2007 It all began five years ago when Madeleine Ericson discovered the guitar. The passion became all stronger and she started to write songs. 


2010 Madeleine Ericson started to having concerts with her own songs with and without the Norweigan baseist/electric guitarrist Martin Aakervik. Some of her songs are playing in the Swedish radio and she is taking part in radiointerviews. 


2011 She is building a studio at home and start to produce her own music and plays all instruments by her self. She start the musicproduction-record company Minja Production.

One of her songs competes in the Swedish musiccompetition "Webbjokern" before

"The Eurovision Song Contest 2012".  

Gotlands Newspaper


2012 She release her first singles "Wanna Go!" and "Love To Be With You".

Gotlands Newspaper

"Wanna Go!" is now playing in many Radio Stations in United States.


2013 She release the EP "On The Top of The Mountain"  The Norwaigan newspaper in Tromsö
The release is fallowing with releaseconcert in Gothenbourg.
She also released a musicvideo to the song "Long For You". 


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